Smriti Irani’s Lawyer On Case Filed By Shooter


Vartika Singh alleged that two “adjutants” of Smriti Irani asked for money from her (file)

New Delhi:

Union Minister Smriti Irani’s legal advisor, Kirat Nagra, said Saturday that the case brought against them by shooter Vartika Singh was based on “the most bizarre and mischievous untruths” and that “political patronage” is a priority in the matter.

Mr Nagra said the case is a concerted effort to discredit and defame the minister and that she would take legal action against it.

Singh moved a court in Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh, and accused Ms. Irani and two others of demanding money to make her a member of the Central Women’s Commission days after she was named in a police complaint.

In November of that year, a complaint was filed against the shooter and another person at the Musafirkhana Police Station in Amethi District.

In response to the matter, Nr Nagra said in a statement: “This is a concerted attempt to discredit and defame my clients on the basis of the most bizarre and mischievous falsehoods, which included brazen forgery of official documents by this person. ” “”


Nagra said that in order to divert attention from the FIR’s investigation into her for falsification of official documents, Singh had “filed a fictional case that we read about in the press”.

“A malicious attempt has been made to solicit a publicity from a habitual criminal that capitalizes on political patronage for that slander and defamation,” Nagra said.

Nagra said Ms. Irani would appeal the matter, “including the use of both civil and criminal remedies that are legally available to my client”.

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