Sports lawyer expects club to resurrect crumbling plans in three years

Sports lawyer expects club to resurrect crumbling plans in three years

European Super League clubs will try to revive their crumbling plans for a breakaway competition in a few years, a senior sports attorney has suggested.

European football was shaken to the core on Sunday following the announcement of a long-feared Super League by a group of leading clubs.

The so-called “Big Six” of the Premier League were named as the founding clubs of the Super League along with Milan, Inter, Juventus, Barcelona, ​​Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid, whose president – Florentino Perez – was to lead the new competition.

UEFA’s response to the initial rumors on Sunday – followed by an official announcement by the 12 clubs later that day – echoed an earlier threat to ban players from other competitions such as their domestic leagues and the Champions League.

A UEFA manager, Jan Moller, went a step further on Monday after the European governing body announced a revamped Champions League. He expected Madrid, Chelsea and City to be excluded from the continent’s elite tournament this week before their semi-finals.

According to media reports on Tuesday, several clubs – including Chelsea and Manchester City – have pulled out, but Richard Cramer, executive director of sports law firm Front Row Legal, suspects another attempt could come a few years later despite the backlash.

Speaking to Stats Perform News, Cramer said, “Even if they put it to bed now, it will come back in another three years, maybe when TV income is at a plateau and clubs don’t see any improvement.” .

“Will the European Super League be more exciting for fans and TV companies, be it a replacement for the Champions League or even a stand-alone competition equivalent to a national competition?”

“It’s not the first time it’s floating around. And I think if you look back on previous kinds of false dawns, it’s more of a kind of shock to UEFA to say, ‘Well, to avert the threat from the US European Super League Breakaway “- and it’s always that kind of expression -” we want you to enrich the Champions League and we want more money from it “.

Tuesday reports also suggest that Manchester United boss Ed Woodward and Juventus chairman Andrea Agnelli have resigned due to their respective roles in the attempted start of the Super League.