St. Louis legal professional’s assertion on shopper not being pardoned

St. Louis attorney’s statement on client not being pardoned

Watkins previously said it was “appropriate and honorable” for now-former President Trump to apologize to Jacob Chansley

ST. LOUIS – On Donald Trump’s last day as president, he pardoned 143 people.

St. Louis attorney Al Watkins issued a statement on his client Jacob Chansley that was not pardoned.

Chansley is also called Jake Angeli and has referred to himself as “QAnon Shaman”.

He was photographed at the Capitol on Jan. 6, wearing a furry hat with horns, face-paint and shirtless as part of the group of pro-Trump rioters who stormed the Capitol while lawmakers sought certifications from Democrat Joe Biden’s electoral college to confirm presidential election victory.

Chansley was charged in federal court with knowingly stepping into or staying in a restricted building or site without legal authority, as well as of forced entry and disorderly conduct for reasons of the Capitol.

Watkins previously said it was “appropriate and honorable” for former President Trump to forgive Chansley.

“Given the peaceful and compliant manner in which Mr. Chansley has behaved, it would be fair and honorable for the President to forgive Mr. Chansley and other like-minded, peaceful individuals who have accepted the President’s invitation with honorable intentions.”

“Unlike Lil Wayne, the picture-worthy shaman Jacob Chansley received no apology from the outgoing president despite publicly requesting it and even though his chief of staff Mark Meadows overtured the president directly,” Watkins said in an email on Wednesday.

Chansley, 33, is currently in a federal agency in Phoenix, which Watkins says is operated by an independent contractor. He is being held in quarantine in accordance with the COVID-19 abatement protocols.

“The request was extremely valuable in that it gave Trump the opportunity to do what his supporters thought was the ‘honorable’ cause,” Watkins said. “Mister. Chansley, along with many others who have been in a similar position, are now forced to reconcile a betrayal by a man whose back they have had for years. In return, they are forced to be introspective and judge, how they got to where they are, what role their former leader plays in this tragic course, and what weaknesses they share, to be led on a primrose trail by a man whose back is now he plunges straight into the sunset of Mar. Lago as he goes hand in hand with Lil Wayne spiritually, ”Watkins said.

Watkins claims Chansley was not involved in the violence.

According to prosecutors, Chansley stepped onto the platform that Pence had recently chaired and wrote a threatening note.

It read, “It is only a matter of time before justice comes.”


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