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Happy New Year to all of our blog community from around the world. As has been our tradition on this blog, I thought that by the beginning of 2020, I would share our annual “Blog Status” statistics from last year. It’s been a great year for the highest traffic blog in our blog’s history. We continued our expansion internationally. While we publish a separate blog when we exceed each million marks (and we’re about to make another such update), we use New Years Day to take stock and celebrate our blog. Not only was this year the best year in terms of traffic on the blog, it was more than double the previous years, with over 10 million hits and tens of thousands of regular readers following us on Twitter and email. It’s amazing growth for a humble blog with no budget and no income. But we still have a great passion and apparently more and more other people looking for a civil forum to discuss the legal, political and social issues of our time.

Thank you to all of our regulars and especially to Darren Smith who continues to monitor the blog and write over the weekend. We currently have almost 48 million views. This includes 19,558 individual contributions and around 128,000 comments. We currently have around 133,000 followers on Twitter, with thousands more to follow by email. In 2020 alone, we had published almost 1,000 columns.

In addition to the USA, Canada and Great Britain were again Canada and Great Britain among 226 other countries.

Last year the top ten countries outside of the US were:

1. Canada
2. United Kingdom
3. Australia
4. Germany
5. Netherlands
6. European Union
7. Mexico
8. France
9. Israel
10. New Zealand

The most popular item in 2020 was two New York lawyers arrested for throwing Molotov cocktails at the police [Updated]

This blog was followed by the following popularity:

2 Seattle city council member proposes firing white officials in order to massively reduce the police force

3. Big League censorship? Michigan attorney general threatens prosecution for posting video alleging election fraud

4th On behalf of the Flynn motion, President Obama declares that there is no precedent that anyone can find [He May Want To Call Eric Holder]

5. “All language is not created equal”: Biden taps anti-free speech number for Transition Lead On Media Agency

Thanks again to everyone who made this site and 2020 such a great success!

Best wishes for the new year!

Jonathan Turley

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