State’s Legal professional releases video of officer-involved capturing the place Waterbury officer was injured | Information

State's Attorney releases video of officer-involved shooting where Waterbury officer was injured | News

WATERBURY, CT (WFSB) – New video shows the pandemonium and terror on the streets of Waterbury last month during an official shooting.

The video released by the prosecutor shows what happened on the afternoon of December 8th.

The police were looking for Robert Harrison, a suspect in an armed kidnapping.

A man in black can be seen in the video that ran down Marley Place. Seconds later, three police cruisers came together in the area.

The police get out of their cars and try to make an arrest, but seconds later two dark-colored SUVs pull out of a driveway at the top of the street.

The first car doesn’t slow down and snakes through the cruisers, forcing the officers to jump out of the way. The driver slams into a parked car and then flees down Wolcott Street.

The officers are then hit with another SUV attempting the same maneuvers, but the driver slammed into a parked van.

Officers can be seen in the triangularly positioned video, but the driver turns around and escapes when a police cruiser, which was not brought into the park, rolls away and clears the way for the driver.

During the chaos, Waterbury officer Charles Mauriello was shot in the chest by a colleague. His vest saved his life and he was released from the hospital that same night.

“There are many reasons why such an accident can happen with all this confusion,” said Lt. J. Paul Vance, WFSB law enforcement analyst.

The former state police officer Lt. J. Paul Vance is a law enforcement analyst for Channel 3, putting people who see the video in the shoes of the officers.

“The officers also want to protect the suspect. This is something we don’t believe in when you think about the whole situation and add to that confusion of stolen vehicles trying to escape the scene. They think that’s why the police are there when the police were actually not there to handle the stolen vehicles. You were there for the suspect, “says Lt. Vance.

The video continues to show officers taking care of Mauriello and taking him to St. Mary’s Hospital.

“The training implies that there is no friendly fire, no crossfire, that we don’t shoot into a group of innocent civilians. All of this is part of law enforcement training, but it always doesn’t happen the way you want it to, ”said Lt. Vance.

The police took four people into custody that day. The investigation into the incident with the friendly fire continues.

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