Submit Articles to the Peer-Reviewed Journal of Free Speech Law –

Submit Articles to the Peer-Reviewed Journal of Free Speech Law –

Virtually all of the top legal reviews are closed for the summer, as are roughly half of all American general interest legal magazines of all ranks. However, we are open and can publish your article as early as August. That means you can publish with us almost a year earlier than with most trade journals. If you are waiting for the fall filing cycle, when most of the magazines will reopen, you cannot submit those magazines until August, which is the month they could already be published with us.

We expect an exclusive submission, but that should be easy for writers when the other journals are on break. and we promise an answer within two weeks, a promise we have consistently kept. Please submit an anonymous draft about Scholastica here.

And WWe also offer a modest amount of feedback from reviewers – we hope constructive – if the article is disapproved, which most other law reviews don’t. So submit now; Submission guidelines can be found at We accept articles from all types of authors; We do not exclude submissions from law students or other non-lawyers / non-law professors, nor do we offer them a separate publication path.

Our first edition will be a symposium on the regulation of social media platforms due out in July. Ten prominent scientists will publish their articles.