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Sumter County attorney arrested, disbarred | Local News

Disbarrassed attorney Edward Juan Lynum, 45, of Wildwood, faces multiple charges in Sumter County for allegedly threatening or attempting to intimidate two judges.

In a similar case, Lynum was also expelled from the Florida Supreme Court, according to an announcement by the Florida Bar on Jan. 28. He was among several Florida attorneys who were subject to court disciplinary action in January.

Lynum ran unsuccessfully for the Sumter County Judge in 2018. His previous forays into politics included an unsuccessful run for the Orlando City Commission headquarters formerly held by his late mother, Daisy Lynum.

Sumter County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) MPs arrested Lynum at a supermarket near Wildwood on Jan. 5, according to an SCSO arrest report. He was sent to the Sumter County Detention Center for writing threats four times to kill an officer or to threaten assault and corruption. He was also arrested on a Lake County arrest warrant for stalking. The next day he was released for a $ 40,000 loan.

In January, Lynum was granted a change of jurisdiction for the trial. Circuit Judge Richard A. “Ric” Howard is leading the case in Citrus County.

The affidavit for Lynum’s arrest warrant listed several allegations of social media activity, which investigators described as threats to the two judges and a private attorney who appeared to be implicated in Lynum’s previous divorce case.

According to an affidavit, the investigators identified several Lynum Facebook accounts and websites. A detective reported that he reviewed approximately 215 posts written from October 2019 to July 2020 that consisted of public news from Lynum, video logs told by Lynum, letters sent by Lynum, and articles cited by Lynum.

“The postings of Edward Lynum formed a central theme describing (him) as the victim of a grand and overarching conspiracy theory in which the Florida judicial system, including but not limited to the Fifth Judiciary, and state and federal figures have emerged because of it Bigotry and worship of satanic spiritual forces conspired not only to kill him but also to destroy his call to life and separate him from his family, ”wrote an SCSO detective in the affidavit of the probable cause.

Lynum used its social media platforms to “create a narrative based on a central theme that the victims of this incident are racist members of a satanic cult who are bringing legal proceedings against him together,” the affidavit reads . The detective also wrote that Lynum “used exaggeration, innuendo, and misrepresentation to threaten physical harm obscured in a religious context of his own design”.

In the affidavit, the detective noted a specific post that he quoted to reveal a summary of Lynum’s claim. “God comes before worldly justice, so degenerate satanic monkey slut judges like (victim’s name) in Bushnell, Sumter County, Florida, along with their conspiratorial pedophile judge buddies, must be tried and arrested for defiling God’s truth.”

Lynum went on according to the affidavit. “God strengthens us to kill … it is time to kill.”

Lynum used social media to repeatedly threaten the victims, the detective found. Lynum described the victims as “four idiots…. too stupid and demonic to know they come with their guns for all of you. “

Lynum wrote, “Good luck with ducking and dodging bullets from your own white castles…. Good luck in surviving the Flood, ”the affidavit reads.

Florida Bar began investigating Lynum’s communications in the summer of 2019, and subsequently drew Lynum’s attention that his conduct was of serious concern to the bar and was being investigated. However, following the findings of the Supreme Court arbitrator, Lynum’s behavior has only worsened.

Lynum’s activities included personally suing the attorney who was representing his ex-wife in divorce and custody proceedings, posting “outrageous and derogatory” comments about the attorney on Facebook, and “numerous annoying and threatening emails and / or posts to or about ”The Attorney, according to the Supreme Court’s findings. The attorney testified that Lynum reported the attorney’s personal address and that he “agreed to [the attorney’s] House”.

The Supreme Court document also found that the attorney also testified that Lynum’s positions included threats of violence, including threats to bomb the Sumter County courthouse, the attorney and the client (Lynum’s ex-wife).

The case findings also found that the attorney testified that Lynum posted posts depicting violent imagery such as guns, fires and rioting, labeled the attorney a “Nazi” and posted suggestions that someone had the “Clermont attorney wearing one.” “, Kills. What would Jesus do? Bracelet. “

The Supreme Court Arbitrator’s report contained an extensive list of incidents of professional misconduct by Lynum, including violations of court orders, professional rules, and violations of his Florida barrister oath. The full report can be viewed at Click on the “Referee’s Report” link.

Martin Steele is a reporter for the Sumter County Times, a sister newspaper of the Citrus County Chronicle.