SunLive – Tauranga ex-lawyer strikes blow to period poverty

SunLive - Tauranga ex-lawyer strikes blow to period poverty

A Tauranga businesswoman has played a key role in a nationwide initiative to tackle period poverty in schools.

When former youth attorney Vicki Scott started Crimson Organic tampon company from her Mount Maunganui home in 2018, menstrual product donation was an important part of her business.

An announcement today confirms that their products are being used by a government initiative offering period products in all states and state-integrated New Zealand schools and kuras that choose to do so.

“I am absolutely thrilled to be part of this historic initiative,” said Vicki after today’s announcement by the Deputy Minister of Education, the Minister for Women and Jan Tinetti, who also lives in Tauranga.

“TThis is a very exciting and significant event for human rights and therefore women’s rights in New Zealand. It is a huge step towards gender equality in school and in life. “

Starting next week, Crimson Organic Tampons will be distributed free of charge to schools as part of the state initiative “Access To Period Products”. Your company is one of four preferred suppliers for the government project.

As a lawyer, Vicki regularly saw women who couldn’t afford pads or tampons go through the district court system.

“When I visited these young customers,The boys would ask me to bring them chips and cola. The girls asked me about toilet paper, soap, sanitary towels, and tampons. These girls Because they did not have access to period products at home, they often stayed away from school, which of course had an impact on their educational and career prospects.

“Aside from being heartbroken, it was very disturbing because I saw international research linking school absenteeism to young people entering the judiciary.”

She says a 2019 survey found that up to 100,000 Kiwi schoolgirls missed school for up to a week each month because they did not have access to menstrual products.

Vicki’s online tampon donation program has been helping women in need since Crimson Organic was founded, with tThe company’s website invites women who can afford tampons to buy tampons for those who can’t.

As a result, Vicki has delivered thousands of sustainable, organic, and environmentally friendly period products to organizations working with impoverished and vulnerable women, including the Auckland City Mission, women’s shelters, and church organizations.

“And now, thanks to this new school initiative, we can help thousands and thousands more,” she says.

“This is a dream come true for me.”