Supreme Courtroom lawyer writes to CJI Bobde for inquiry into wild tusker demise within the Nilgiris

Supreme Court lawyer writes to CJI Bobde for inquiry into wild tusker death in the Nilgiris

A Supreme Court attorney has written to Supreme Court Chief Justice SA Bobde asking for an investigation into the tragic incident in which a wild elephant was killed while being evicted by people from their illegal host family in Masinagudi, Nilgiris by throwing a burning tire at him. The animal has since died. The lawyer has also petitioned the Court of Justice to stop the cruelty to animals.

A video of the incident went viral showing a burning tire being thrown at a ferocious tusk that fled into the jungle. He later succumbed to his injuries. The letter was sent by attorney Mathews J. Nedumpara, who has previously raised concerns about animal cruelty.

In his letter, he asked the Chief Justice to treat it as a petition under Article 32 of the Constitution of India and to open an investigation into the tragic event in which a wild tusk was burned by a gasoline-coated tire that scared the animal away as it did entered a resort in the middle of a forest.

He said, “The video of the tragic incident that is being reported on television channels would shock everyone’s conscience. A few months earlier, a written petition that I brought to the Supreme Court / Supreme Nation’s attention was cleared of the unthinkable cruelty, horror, and pain inflicted on wild and domesticated animals with specific instructions showing the current incident would be totally inadequate …

“WP No. 839 from 2020, which I introduced as above, dealt in detail with the cruelty to wild and domesticated animals as well as with many remedial measures. I would rely on the above written petition, ”he said.

The forestry department reportedly had been treating the tusk since last November for a deep wound on his back that was infected by maggots. It was only when the video went viral that the forest department became aware that the tusk had died as a result of human injuries. Following the investigation into the incident, the forest authorities arrested two people and one escaped.

In his letter the lawyer stated: “I am sure that your lordship has even more compassion for animals and would consider your lordship’s constitutional duty to do all that is humanly possible to put an end to the terrible cruelty to animals , and would be gracious enough to treat this letter from my humble self as a petition under Article 32 which, despite my utter insignificance, dispenses with all procedural formalities. In this unqualified faith and in this hope and in the request for the gracious and timely intervention of your Lordship I remain. “