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Suspect Who Dragged NYPD Officer Was Previously Released Pending Trial For Attempted Murder – JONATHAN TURLEY

The recently released video of an NYPD official being dragged by an escaping suspect took an even more controversial turn when it was revealed that the suspect was in custody despite charges of attempted murder. A judge’s earlier release of Takim Newson is confusing given Newson’s alleged crime and previous criminal record.

Newson, 32, was pulled over by police officers after double parking on a busy street with heavily tinted windows. Officials found that his speech was blurry and Newson admitted to smoking marijuana. The officer told him he was not arrested, but they asked him to get out of the car. Then he threw the car backwards and dragged the officer.

After the traffic obstruction, Newson is charged with breaking into a house in Queens and threatening a 66-year-old woman by pretending to have a gun. Then he left without taking anything and allegedly stole a Jaguar limousine. He was eventually arrested in Suffolk County, Long Island, according to the New York Post.

What is surprising is the fact that he went out without bail after being arrested in February. Newson is alleged to have shot a person in the groin during an attempted Valentine’s Day robbery in a bar in Queens. Prosecutors demanded that he stay in jail until the trial. His attorney asked for $ 50,000 bail. However, the court reportedly released him without bail, despite being arrested after he escaped.

According to media reports, Newson was serving a three and a half year prison sentence for an armed robbery in Nassau County before he was paroled in 2011. He was also charged with shooting police officers in 2008 and again in 2011.

The New York Post reports that Newson is a well-known member of the Edgemere Crew gang. The Queens judge was Judge Denise Johnson, who was deemed “unapproved” by the city’s bar association prior to her election in November. She ran unhindered to the courtroom. The unapproved rating was due to Johnson’s failure to submit information and documents for review by the bar.

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