Sydney lawyer Peter Lavac again in court docket for quantity plates on $500okay Lamborghini


A high-profile lawyer from Sydney and his controversial Lamborghini license plates have landed again in court.

Peter Lavac claims the plates on his bright yellow $ 500,000 Lamborghini are a joke, but Transport NSW argues they are offensive.

The signs read: “LGOPNR”, an abbreviation for “leg opener”, which, according to Mr. Lavac, is an “ironic, funny, humorous homage to my reputation as a playboy”.

Peter Lavac's controversial license plates.Peter Lavac’s controversial license plates. (A topical matter)Criminal attorney Peter Lavac is one of Australia’s top lawyers and recently gained viral attention with the yellow Lamborghini license plates. (A topical matter) (A topical matter)

“It’s free speech, freedom of expression and a backlash against censorship,” Lavac said in court today.

“This case isn’t about some silly little license plate, it’s not about a powerful racing car, it’s not even about me.

“This case is about every little Australian fighter who’s been ripped off by government bullies and bureaucrats, and all of the silent majority who are fed up with saying what to do.”

Mr Lavac won his first appeal against the decision to withdraw the signs on legal grounds as early as September.

But Transport NSW refused to step down, and when the police pulled him over last Thursday, they removed the plates themselves with a screwdriver.

A judge will decide on Monday whether the lawyer needs to come up with a new name for his beloved car.