Syracuse federal prosecutor to be named as next U.S. Attorney for Upstate region: Report

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Syracuse, NY – A Syracuse-based federal attorney is expected to be named the next U.S. attorney for the Northern District of New York, according to a report by the Albany Times Union.

Carla B. Freedman, 57, a native of Syracuse, currently heads the Task Force on Drugs Enforcement in Organized Crime. According to the report, she will be the president’s candidate for the position.

The northern district includes 32 inland counties stretching from Syracuse via Albany and Binghamton to the Canadian border.

The position was filled by the incumbent US attorney Antoinette Bacon.

Freedman had been an attorney since 1989 and was once assistant district attorney in Manhattan before becoming a federal attorney.

According to a 1989 wedding note in the New York Times. Freedman graduated from Syracuse University, where her late father presided over the department of anthropology. Her mother Paula was deputy director of the Onondaga County Youth Office in Syracuse at the time.

Freedman received her law degree from New York Law School.

Freedman was the coordinator of opioid cases in the northern district. She has been in the office since 2007.

She was pursuing a case in her current role in 2019, in which five people were charged as part of an alleged heroin distribution ring from which investigators, according to the United States, had confiscated over 62,000 individual bags of heroin weighing more than two kilograms. Law firm.

She also persecuted two people who conspired to make and sell synthetic marijuana across the country, including in upstate New York in the northern district.

Freedman would have to be approved by the US Senate to take the job.

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