Syracuse prosecutor to take reins of region’s U.S. attorney’s office

Syracuse prosecutor to take reins of region's U.S. attorney's office

ALBANIA – Carla B. Freedman, a Syracuse-based federal prosecutor, is expected to be nominated as the next US attorney for the northern district of New York, which covers the capital region, the Times Union has learned.

Freedman, 57, chief of the Office’s Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDEFT), a one-time gang attorney for legendary Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morganthau, and an attorney since 1989, is President Joe Biden’s nominee for the position now held by acting US attorney Antoinette Bacon.

The Times Union reported on Sunday that Bacon’s tenure would be a candidate who would be the first woman to hold office on a permanent basis.

Freedman, a Democrat and a graduate of New York Law School, is from Syracuse. A 1989 wedding announcement in the New York Times said that her father, Michael Freedman, was chairman of the department of anthropology at Syracuse University, where she received her bachelor’s degree. Her mother, Paula Freedman, was said to be the deputy director of the Onondaga County Youth Office in Syracuse.

Now, with Senate approval, Freedman will run the US law firm for the Northern District, which covers 32 hinterland districts. It includes areas such as the entire capital region, Adirondacks, Syracuse, Binghamton and Kingston.

Freedman is the office’s coordinator of opioid cases in addition to overseeing OCDEFT. She has been in the office since 2007. Freedman’s numerous cases include the successful prosecution of two Los Angeles men who conspired to manufacture and sell synthetic marijuana across the country, including “head shops” in New York State’s Northern District.

In Manhattan, where Freedman worked from 1988 to 2004, she headed the gang unit for about 10 years.

Bacon, who has held the acting position since September 2nd, has the option of staying in the office as an assistant if she so wishes. As a Republican, she shouldn’t stay in the role of a Democratic presidential administration. Bacon succeeded former US attorney Grant Jaquith, a Republican who was promoted to the top a few months after the election of former President Donald Trump to replace his predecessor, former US attorney Richard Hartunian.

Hartunian’s rise to head the office in 2009 brought his leadership to the capital city area instead of where it was based in Syracuse.