Taiwan-Born Lawyer Receives Hate Mail for Defending Man Accused of Attacking 75-Year-Old Woman in SF

Taiwan-Born Lawyer Receives Hate Mail for Defending Man Accused of Attacking 75-Year-Old Woman in SF

Eric McBurney, a Taiwan-born public defender from San Francisco, has received hate mail for representing 39-year-old homeless man Steven Jenkins, who is being accused Attack on a 75-year-old grandmother March.

The defence: McBurney, 48, told the New York Times that Jenkins’ mind is broken.

  • McBurney went on to state that the case “had nothing to do with anti-Asian hatred,” adding, “Mr. Jenkins has had an average of five mental emergencies a year for the past five years. “

  • Also the defense attorney played the footage of events prior to the attack on Xiao Zhen Xie. There it showed Jenkins, who has been homeless for over a decade and mingles with other homeless people in the area of ​​the UN Plaza.

  • Unidentified people have also been seen attacking Jenkins.

  • Jenkins also attacked another Asian who was not caught on camera.

Hatred and rejection: In the interview, McBurney admitted that he knew what he was getting into when the San Francisco Public Defender bureau assigned him the case.

  • His extended family from Taiwan also criticized him when they found out that he was defending Jenkins.

  • McBurney, who was adopted by a white couple as a teenager, said he understood racism against Asians after experiencing it and otherness “in cities where I am the entire Asian population,” so SFist.

  • Despite all the negativity, McBurney said he loved it and that he saw this kind of attention as “extra motivation.”

  • “When the whole world is against your client, a public defender says, ‘Yes, this is my job,'” he said.

Xie’s family raised nearly $ 1 million GoFundMe. In an update Monday, her family said they will keep $ 120,000 and donate the majority of it to the nonprofit Asian Community Assistance Association (ACAA), whose goal is to “continue to protect the AAPI community, safety to promote and prevent a further increase ”. in Asian hate crimes. “

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