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A Los Angeles Times opinion column goes online after Virginia Heffernan wrote about her fear of not knowing how to react to neighbors who cleared the snow on her driveway. The problem is that they also voted for former President Donald Trump. The column, entitled “What Can You Do About the Trumpites Next Door?” examines her struggle with reaction as she compares all Trump supporters to Nazis and Hezbollah. Unfortunately, it is not surprising to see such hateful comparisons in today’s age of anger. What was surprising is the need to publish such a column containing unsubstantiated attacks on over 70 million voters, comparable to genocide or terrorists.

While most of us would find a thank you natural and immediate, Heffernan examines her battle of deciding how to react: “Of course, in some ways, I understand that I owe you thanks – and man, it really looks like it is the guy back – pulled the driveway like a pro – but how much thanks? These neighbors are staunch partisans of the blue life, and there is only white life in the neighborhood. “She notes that Hezbollah” also gives things away for free, “but” The favors Hezbollah does for the people of the cities of Tire and Sidon probably do not include snow plows, but like other mafias, Hezbollah leans towards its own – the Shiite sick, elderly and hungry. “

Under the guise of addressing these issues, the column seems more like a means of pointing out that Trump voters are little better than terrorists and murderers. Such references are factually treated as obvious or plausible comparisons. There is less evidence of honest internal debate than of satisfaction that almost half of the electorate can be humiliated and marginalized.

While many members and newspapers have heralded the Biden election as an opportunity for healing, there is little sign that many really want to bring the country together, even if they gracefully accept a kind gesture in the form of a snow shovel. The fact is, people are angry. Many continue to use Trump as a license to hate and even portray this hatred as virtuous. It is so laborious that even the friendliness of a neighbor is treated as a moral dilemma.

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