The Doge Conspiracy –

The Doge Conspiracy –

[1.] Elon Musk

[2.] has advertised Dogecoin,

[3.] and Doges were the rulers of Venice,

[4.] with a title related to the English Duke or the Latin Dux,

[5.] but also …

Il Duce, that is Benito Mussolini,

[6.] notorious fascist whose party was named after the fascists,

the ancient Roman symbol of judicial authority

[7.] that also appears on

the official seal of the Shady Eminences grise at the Administrative Office of the Courts of the United States.

Connect the dots, shepherd!

Notes on Yourself: 1. Work in Nikola Tesla, Donald Trump’s uncle, House of Barbarigo, Knights Templar. 2. Needs Jews, space lasers.

[Credits: All images from Wikipedia, except the Administrative Office seal.]