The Greatest Place for Working Dad and mom™ in Fort Value Honors Patterson Legislation Group | Fort Value Private Harm Legal professionals

The Best Place for Working Parents™ in Fort Worth Honors Patterson Law Group | Fort Worth Personal Injury Lawyers

This month we won the Best Working Parent Company ™ award in Fort Worth, Texas. As a long-standing local company in the Fort Worth, Texas region, we are pleased and grateful that we continue to work as a hard-working team of parents for our lawyers and employees and support them.

As a small company with fewer than 200 employees, we received this award in recognition of the policies and practices that we make available to our employees, especially working parents.

The team at The Best Place for Working Parents ™ begins capturing the results with its unique self-assessment of online business, showing Fort Worth's family friendliness and comparing a company to other companies of similar size and industry.

As a law firm that respects and encourages our team to work hard both at work and at home, we are proud to accept this friendly award. Our managing partner, Travis Patterson, shares his thoughts on accepting the designation.

"We are honored to be recognized as one of the best working parent companies in Fort Worth for the way we support and support parents," said Patterson. "I am proud of the progress we have made to support working parents by offering maternity / paternity leave, breastfeeding mothers programs, flexible schedules and distance work arrangements. In addition, the Patterson Law Group has been in this challenging time with COVID -19 Subsidized babysitting is offered to all working parents As a father and a business owner, I know that by continuing to develop these programs, we will enable all of our employees to achieve a more sustainable work-life balance that ultimately depends on our success as a company and as an economy in these difficult times. "

Patterson Law Group's lawyers and associates share The Best Place for Working Parents ™ mission to support and support working parents. Grace Ocanas, litigator at Patterson Law Group, said that one of the reasons she worked for the Patterson Law Group was because of family values ​​and career opportunities for growing families. Grace says: “One of my son's favorite pictures was early in my start at the Patterson Law Group when he came to work because my preschool was closed for the day. He was at a table with Travis, other lawyers, and employees during a team meeting. I was not only proud of my choice as an employer, but also as a working mother who fully recognizes the "mother's guilt" when she is separated from my children for a career, "said Ocanas. “The support and shelter that the Patterson Law Group provides, sometimes without even realizing it, has made me a happier mother. My children deserve it. I am glad that my employer supports me as a mother. "

Fort Worth is the 13th largest city in the country with one of the fastest growing economies for employment. The Patterson Law Group team recognizes how we can better influence our children by offering a flexible work environment with the option to work remotely, benefits 2, benefits 3, etc. Our goal is to provide tangible opportunities for our working parents create a better future for their children and all children from Fort Worth, Texas.

Cheraya Peña, Program Director for the Best Place for Children and Working Parents ™, gives insights into the program.

“As the country's fastest growing metropolis with the second highest proportion of families with children, The Best Place for Working Parents ™ wants to support companies with key strategies that support the bottom line of working parents AND companies. We are happy to identify the companies that are showing the way to support working parents in Fort Worth, and we trust that we will ultimately make Fort Worth the best place for children! ™. "

The “Best Place for Working Parents ™” rating ONLY highlights the family-friendly guidelines, which also have proven benefits for the company's results. Every question in the self-assessment relates to guidelines that have a positive effect on the attractiveness, loyalty, satisfaction and productivity of employees.

At Patterson Law Group we have integrated this into our way of working. Because of this, we can have a greater impact on the people we serve, the communities we live in, and the work we do. Our goal is to make a difference in our local community.

You can find more information in our press release.