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The Lincoln Project Moves From Doxxing To Trolling With Recent Commercial – JONATHAN TURLEY

I previously criticized the Lincoln Project, which not only tried to dox Trump attorneys, but also funded a harassment campaign against Republican attorneys, their law firms, and their clients. Not only was the project founded in part by attorney George Conway, but it is also funded by the hundreds of attorneys who remained silent when the project engaged in such abusive behavior. Now the project has been reduced to open trolling with a commercial that has literally no value or purpose other than ridiculing President Trump. It’s now an open trolling operation funded by lawyers across the country. To do so on behalf of Abraham Lincoln is a particular shame.

In the latest advert on various networks, the commercial celebrates, like “the end is coming, Donald. Even Mike Pence knows. He backs away from your train wreck, from your desperate lies and clown lawyers. When Mike Pence runs away from you, you know it’s over: saving his reputation, protecting his future. “The campaign looks forward to announcing directly to Trump that Vice President Mike Pence will” stick the nail in your political coffin “on January 6th.

This is not a post on his website, but a commercial that runs in the best places on the networks. It’s little more than a mocking and trolling effort. When did commercials on national television become simple, unfounded insults? This is a new phenomenon in the media, where commercials are only shown for insults or mockery. Many of us have criticized President Trump for his taunting and taunting of opponents, but those are public comments and tweets. This is not linked to an upcoming election. Indeed, it is debated how the elections ended. It’s a paid commercial on national television designed to insult a seated president for the joy of delivering such insults.

Most noticeable is how little controversy there is about such a free commercial. There is no coverage of whether this is the “new normal” in our politics now. This goes beyond loss of courtesy. It only uses prime-time advertising to pile insults on a person.

The Lincoln Project seems to have sufficient funding for such ads, which is why some leftists have insisted that the Lincoln Project numbers be blacklisted in the future. The claim is that the Lincoln project is raising millions and is trying to capitalize on the anti-Trump movement. Sander’s replacement Nomiki Konst and others cited the former Republicans on the Lincoln Project as “perfect examples” of people who must be canceled.

I have written against such a blacklist of the Lincoln Project as I have written against the Lincoln Project’s conduct in doxxing and harassing lawyers. However, this latest commercial shows how free and youthful the campaign has become. It is now limited to running commercials that insult and ridicule the president. What is the legal or political value of such an attack? It’s cathartic and childish. It’s the last kind of thing Lincoln wants to be associated with. It was Lincoln who said, “Almost all men can endure adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”

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