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By Chris Shakib • Partner at Terrell Hogan

Lawyers practice in a wide range of areas of expertise including corporate, criminal, estate planning, family / divorce, labor / employment, personal, and real estate law, to name a few.

Bulk cakes, a less common specialty, have become increasingly important for people in all walks of life.

What is a mass killing?

As a rule, a mass killing is a defective drug or medical device. It could also be a defective chemical like a pesticide.

In simple terms, a mass killing is a single illegal act that injures large numbers of people. In a mass homicide lawsuit, the injured come together in a single lawsuit to seek justice for injuries from one or often more defendants.

What is the difference between mass crimes and class actions?

Most people are familiar with class actions, a type of lawsuit that has several similarities with mass penalties. Both encompass a large group of plaintiffs with the same joint defendants, and the lawsuit will be grouped into one, not individual.

The main difference between class actions and class actions is how the large group of plaintiffs are treated.

With mass punishment, each plaintiff is treated as an individual, which means that in a mass killing, each plaintiff must demonstrate certain facts, including how each person was injured by the joint defendant.

In class actions, the large group of plaintiffs (collectively, “the class”) is represented by a class representative who represents the remainder of the class and all members are treated as one plaintiff rather than as individual plaintiffs.

Mass tests are more often suitable for personal injury and death cases because each person’s reactions to a defective drug, medical device or chemical are different.

On the other hand, class actions are better suited for property and financial damage, which tend to be more uniform.

Both types of lawsuits help courts handle large numbers of claimants more efficiently.

Why is mass testing important?

Mass disputes are important as drugs, medical devices, and chemicals are a ubiquitous part of modern life. Although the Food and Drug Administration and Environmental Protection Agency provide the public with some level of protection, defective products still end up in the flow of trade, harming or killing consumers.

Mass lawsuits provide victims with a way to seek justice by using the strength of hundreds or thousands of plaintiffs against the financial might of powerful multinational corporations.

Mass homicide lawsuits

Here are some of the drugs, medical devices, and chemicals that are the subject of current mass litigation:

■ Summarize herbicide

■ Elmiron

■ Zantac

■ Allergan Biocell Structured Breast Implants

■ Belviq

■ Hernia mesh

■ 3M battle earplugs

■ Xeljanz

■ Valsartan and Losartan

■ Talcum powder

Lawyers in all areas of the practice naturally learn a great deal about their clients’ lives, as well as the problems they may face. It is therefore not surprising that a lawyer can help identify a potential mass killing that is affecting a client’s health or finances.

If an attorney is not practicing mass sentences, they can help the client connect with a qualified attorney who will.

In addition to a possible recovery for the injured party, mass disputes often lead to changes that make products safer for all of us.

Chris Shakib is a partner in the Terrell Hogan law firm. His practice focuses on mass testing, including defective drugs and medical devices, medical negligence, and product liability.