These lawyer friends join hands in a different court | Delhi News

These lawyer friends join hands in a different court | Delhi News

New Delhi: When a group of lawyers lost some friends and relatives to Covid-19, they realized the urgent need for medical support for those infected. The group is now well on the way to opening a 50 bed Covid care center in a school in southeast Delhi, Jamia Nagar. It is expected to be operational over the weekend and will have oxygen tanks, oxygen concentrators, and other medical equipment.
One of the group’s lawyers, Karan Chandhiok, spent 16 hours searching to find an ICU bed for a member of his family. But when a bed was finally found, it was too little, too late. It was this and similar shared experiences with other lawyers that motivated them to start this initiative.
When the coronavirus raised its head for the second time this year, Chandhiok first checked the supply lines for hospital beds, oxygen bottles and medication. “But only a few days after the ascent, we discovered that there was no medical infrastructure. People primarily needed oxygen, but the supply was severely limited. We then decided to pool funds to improve the oxygen supply and import oxygen concentrators, ”said Chandhiok.
It soon became clear that there was a lack of medical facilities for the Covid-positive patients. “Many people can use social media to get help or to help others. But what about the day laborers who couldn’t afford home care or who couldn’t get leads on Twitter? “Asked the lawyers.
Attorneys Chandhiok, Vaibhav Kakkar, Pooja Mahajan and Akshay Jain from various law firms have started their project in collaboration with Aster DM Healthcare, which operates Alshifa Hospital in Okhla and other hospitals and medical centers in India and West Asia. Chandhiok said, “Aster suggested opening a field hospital along the lines of a similar project in Kozhikode, Kerala. Aster has a MoU with Alshifa Hospital, which gave him access to the Scholar School he runs. ”
As a result of the joint efforts, orders have been placed for oxygen cylinders, oxygen concentrators, BiPAP ventilators, high-flow oxygen therapy devices, and EKG machines. The field hospital is run by Alshifa, who provides the medical and nursing staff. It is planned to make the field hospital functional over a period of three months. The funds are collected through crowdfunding on the Milaap online platform.
Chandhiok added, “Once the medical equipment is delivered, we will contact the Delhi Government Health Department and initiate the 25-bed facility and eventually increase the capacity to 50.”