Tickets against Lethbridge Overdose Prevention Society dropped after lawyer fails to attend court

Tickets against Lethbridge Overdose Prevention Society dropped after lawyer fails to attend court

Miranda Hlady, who represented Slaney in court, applied for all tickets to be dropped on April 9, which was approved.

“In the course of these files, not just in March and April, no one appeared in court on behalf of the City of Lethbridge, so never a Lethbridge attorney, a Lethbridge city agent, or a Lethbridge city agent. “

Hlady says the general understanding is that if you are retained as an attorney on a criminal case, you will be expected to be present or make other arrangements.

LNN has received a statement from Lauren Chalaturnyk, the city-hired Edmonton attorney.

“Our office and the city were not informed of the date of the court on April 9, 2021, and Ms. Hlady failed to inform our office that due to the lack of law enforcement, she would request the tickets be dismissed. For this reason, we were not notified of Ms. Hlady’s request and we were not given an opportunity to respond. “

In addition, Ms. Hlady made no attempts to contact our office before or on April 9, 2021. Our office would clearly have attended April 9, 2021 if we had been duly notified of the court date and the intentions of Ms. Hlady. “

Chalaturnyk goes on to say that part of the confusion was due to the fact that his case had been transferred from the traffic court to the provincial court. Their understanding was that Hlady had submitted a notice on the Constitutional Question (NCQ) and that it would be adjourned until it was finalized, which has still not been done.

They said it was a “procedural error” to have the tickets released to Chalaturnyk’s office without notice, and they are asking the court to reissue Slaney’s tickets.

Another statement made by the city to LNN is that they are “disappointed with the result as this is an important issue for the city”.

The municipality is currently reviewing its options, including asking the court to consider this matter as a possible administrative error, an appeal against the judge’s decision, or a re-indictment.