Top lawyer hired by Covid-19 protesters quits and replaced by another senior brief – The Royal Gazette

Top lawyer hired by Covid-19 protesters quits and replaced by another senior brief - The Royal Gazette

Updated: May 14, 2021, 12:59 p.m.

From the case: Attorney Charles Richardson (file photo)

A lawyer hired by an advocacy group to challenge the government over proposed public safety regulations in Covid-19 has withdrawn from the case.

Charles Richardson represented Constitutional Freedom Bermuda, who argued that the regulations due to be introduced next month discriminate against people who haven’t received the Covid-19 vaccine.

But another legal heavyweight, Mark Pettingill, said he stepped in and represented the group.

The news came after it was revealed that unvaccinated arrivals to Bermuda, including local residents, must be quarantined at one of the three hotels for 14 days at your own expense starting June 6.

Activists insist that residents could be quarantined at home.

The group has also questioned curfews, claiming they are unnecessary.

Mr. Richardson confirmed last night that he was no longer the group’s representative on the island.

He said anyone who donated to the fund because of their participation in the campaign could withdraw their promise.

Mr. Richardson added, “I am no longer affiliated with the group and the application they are about to submit, and I am no longer affiliated with the fund that was set up to pay for it.

“The CrowdJustice donation platform works like this: When you make an acceptance, your credit card will not be charged until the target amount has been reached.

“I want people to know that I am no longer involved, so that if they have made a promise based on my involvement, they may want to lift it.”

Constitutional Freedom Bermuda had planned to petition the Supreme Court this week to ask for the restrictions to be lifted until their legality could be discussed in front of a judge.

It is not yet known whether a document has been submitted.

Mr. Pettingill said, “We are committed to representing our customers without fear or favor and regardless of political affiliation. This matter has nothing to do with politics or conspiracies. This is about constitutional freedoms.”

He added: “The Constitution guarantees fundamental rights, freedoms and freedoms to which all Bermudas are entitled.”

Mr Pettingill said Courtenay Griffiths, a London QC, would continue to advise on the case.

He added, “Our customers believe the regulations are discriminatory and have gone a step too far and our team at Chancery looks forward to working with Mr. Griffiths QC to take our customers’ case to court.”

Mr. Pettingill said his customers are “very grateful for the tremendous support” from local residents and overseas.

Mr. Griffiths did not respond to a request for comment.

Further information can be found at https: // www. Crowdjustice. com / case / the-fight-for-constitution /.