Torn aside: Recent drama for top profile lawyer

It’s been a rough ride for these high-profile criminal lawyers – and now there has been a fresh drama.

One of the city’s best-known law firms has split after a year of controversy, including one of its partners accused of possessing cocaine.

Moloney MacCallum Abdelshahied Attorney Campbell MacCallum wished his partner Antonious Abdelshahied “good luck” when asked to comment on the breakup.

The change comes the same week that two clients of Moloney MacCallum Abdelshahied Lawyers were charged with perjury by the Crime and Corruption Commission.

Mr. Abdelshahied announced on his LinkedIn account this week that he is now the director of Abdelshahied Lawyers.

Antonious Abdelshahied (left) and Campbell MacCallum show their business cards in happier times at Moloney MacCallum Abdelshahied Lawyers.

The company’s website linked to the social media page was inactive.

Abdelshahied’s lawyers registered an ABN in September this year.

When asked about Mr. Abdelshahied’s departure, Mr. MacCallum replied by text message: “I didn’t know he was a director of another law firm, but good luck to him.”

Mr Abdelshahied has not replied to several messages left by the Bulletin in the past few weeks.

There have been rumors of dissatisfaction between Mr Abdelshahied and Mr MacCallum in the Southport legal community for weeks.

How the attorney responded to drug charges

Mr. MacCallum told the bulletin late last month, “There is nothing official. There are no signed papers or anything like that.

“We have our differences.”

Mr Abdelshahied has not been seen in the Southport Judicial District in weeks. It goes without saying that he felt uncomfortable.

Troy Smith, a senior associate, landed at the company this week.

Mr MacCallum was charged with possession of cocaine in July this year following a raid by the CCC. He is due to appear in court next month.

This week, Mr. MacCallum’s longtime client, the accused Mongolian Bikie Harley Barbaro, was charged with perjury by the CCC in an investigation into Moloney MacCallum Abdelshahied.

Campbell MacCallum in court in Brisbane.  Image: Annette Dew

Campbell MacCallum in court in Brisbane. Image: Annette Dew

A 33-year-old man was also charged with perjury by the CCC. They will both appear in court on November 30th.

A former lawyer for the firm, Shaune Irving, was charged in March this year after allegedly lying in stating that his ex-girlfriend was driving his Mercedes-Benz when it was booked for speeding.

Since the first indictment, the CCC has charged Irving 10 cases of fraud, two cases of money laundering and four cases of the supply of a dangerous drug.

Mr. MacCallum will next appear in Brisbane Magistrates Court in December to face the cocaine-related charges.

Any attorney charged with a drug offense must report the alleged crime to the Queensland Law Society. The Legal Services Commission will decide whether this attorney can continue to practice after the courts have cleared the indictment.

The company was originally called Moloney MacCallum, but was renamed in 2018.

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Originally published as Torn Apart: Fresh drama for high profile lawyer on the coast