Travel ban ‘unlawful on many levels’: Human Rights lawyer

Travel ban 'unlawful on many levels': Human Rights lawyer

The federal government’s travel ban on returning Indian Australians is “illegal on so many levels” and “violates” Australia’s international legal obligations, according to human rights attorney Rabia Siddique. “From a human rights perspective – you know you’ve been in this field for more than 20 years – I’m amazed. I’m still almost in disbelief,” she told Sky News host Alan Jones. “So, very quickly – it violates our international legal obligations under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights – I just want to encourage everyone to read Article 12.” It contradicts our democratic principles as a western democracy. It’s way above average and beyond the government’s powers under the Commonwealth Biosecurity Act – it’s disproportionate, it’s too restrictive and intrusive, as the wording of the law extensively describes. “And it violates the public law principles of coherence, transparency and due process – and now of course we know that it will be examined and challenged as unconstitutional before the federal court.”