Trial in 2001 killing derailed due to lawyer change


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“I find it very weird you filed a Jordan application and Mr. Lutz didn’t know about it,” the judge countered.

“Based on what you told me you and Mr. Lutz had a disagreement on something very fundamental to your defence,” Gates said.

“You wouldn’t follow his advice.”

After repeated attempts to get Parent to decide how he wanted to proceed, Gates said he was adjourning the trial and giving the accused time to find a new lawyer.

“Wow, this is unreal … is this Canada, or is this China?” the accused said of his choices.

Defence lawyer Shamsher Kothari, who has been contacted by Parent, but has not yet been appointed by Legal Aid, said he wasn’t available to conduct the trial as scheduled.

The case returns to court Oct. 23, when it will be determined if Parent’s Jordan application, which would seek a judicial stay based on unreasonable delay, can proceed during what was supposed to be his trial time.

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