Troconis lawyer information modified situations of launch, to have case dismissed

Troconis lawyer files modified conditions of release, to have case dismissed

HARTFORD, Conn – Michelle Troconis’ attorney has filed a motion to change the release conditions or dismiss the case entirely

Attorney Jon L. Schoenhorn said in the motion that the arrest was based on an affidavit that had no probable cause, was false, or recklessly disregarded the truth and was derived from information obtained illegally.

The motion mentions a video from Hartford showing Fotis Dulos dropping garbage bags in trash cans on Albany Avenue in Hartford.

Dulos was charged with the death of his estranged wife Jennifer last year.

On May 24, 2019, Jennifer Dulos went missing after dropping her children off at school. Her SUV was found in a New Canaan park.

She has not been seen since.

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About a week later, Fotis Dulos and Traconis, Fotis Dulos’ girlfriend when Jennifer went missing, were arrested for tampering with evidence.

Fotis Dulos was charged with murder in January. At the same time, Troconis and Kent Mawhinney, a friend of Fotis Dulos, were charged with conspiracy and murder and had $ 2 million on bail.

Three weeks later, Fotis Dulos committed suicide.

In late August, Michelle Troconis was accused of manipulating evidence and obstructing law enforcement.

The new charges relate to efforts by authorities to cover up the murder of Jennifer Dulos.

In addition, the judge ruled that Troconis no longer needs to be part of the Intensive Probation Supervision program, but all other conditions of her release are subject to a written decision, which is expected to be made in two weeks.

Michelle Troconis’ attorney had asked the court to review and amend the conditions under which she was being held for house arrest. The defense attorney posted three videos in August that he said support her case.

Troconis did not plead guilty to all charges.