Trump attorneys rejoice after acquittal

Yahoo News

Donald Trump’s lawyers celebrated his acquittal for instigating the horrific attack on the US Capitol. Attorney Bruce Castor praised the Senate for choosing “not to go down the path of endless impeachments”. (13th February)

Video transcript

BRUCE CASTOR: Myself, Mr. Van Der Veen and the rest of the team are extremely pleased that the United States Senate has chosen to protect our constitutional way of life, not to go down the path of endless impeachments.

MICHAEL VAN DER VEEN: I don’t wrestle with anyone. We ended the argument in this room and hit her on the mat and won this case. There are no more arguments. We won, not guilty.

– – Did you try to get Kevin McCarthy’s account for that call?

MICHAEL VAN DER VEEN: You should have. I will not. I have … I have work to do at home now.

BRUCE CASTOR: The burden of proof is on them and they have not fulfilled their burden of proof. It’s a little confusing to us that, if this conversation was of such importance, why was it just brought to our attention today and formed the basis for most of the deal that the property managers made? If this is the heart of your case, it should have been front and center from the start.

I kind of think that yesterday their case was destroyed and they had to throw a Hail Mary pass and it fell uncaught into the end zone.

MICHAEL VAN DER VEEN: We are not on the left or the right, or on either side at all. We had a constitutional duty to defend our client. And we did that to the best of our ability. But what I wanted to say and what I wanted to convey there was that our country must face the business before it with all seriousness and intent, love and peace in our hearts and move the ball forward for this to happen, so that a great nation can face this Pandemic become as severe as possible.