Trump Marketing campaign Cuts Ties With Lawyer Sidney Powell Who Promoted Wild Election Fraud Conspiracy Theories

Trump Campaign Cuts Ties With Lawyer Sidney Powell Who Promoted Wild Election Fraud Conspiracy Theories

Top line

The Trump campaign released a statement on Sunday attempting to distance itself from attorney Sidney Powell, who was on the front line and focus three days after the attorney was at the fore at a press conference with Rudy Giuliani, the president’s personal attorney , has passed on outlandish stories of electoral fraud to news organizations; and Jenna Ellis, Trump campaign legal advisor.


Key factors

Powell “is not a member of the Trump Legal Team,” Giuliani said in a statement from the Trump campaign on Sunday, adding that she was “also not a lawyer for the President in his personal capacity.”

President Trump and Ellis previously described Powell as part of the team:

On Saturday, the lawyer went on the conservative cable channel Newsmax and promoted wild conspiracy theories about the elections. He claimed Trump lost Georgia without evidence because Governor Brian Kemp – a savage ally and Republican of Trump – was bribed by an electoral systems firm.

Powell, who took conspiracy theory one step further, also claimed that Newsmax MP Doug Collins (R-Ga.) Would have beaten Senator Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.) In her Senate race if Kemp had not manipulated the voting machines (Loeffler ) will face Democratic challenger Raphael Warnock on January 5th.)

Key background

While it seems possible that Powell’s predilection for conspiracy theories caused the Trump campaign to cut ties, the attorney originally caught the president’s attention for her willingness to make unsubstantiated allegations of election fraud by voting machine manufacturers. Powell also represented Trump’s former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn in 2019 and first came to prominence by criticizing former Special Adviser Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

Surprising fact

Powell is a longtime proponent of the QAnon conspiracy theory and, according to Business Insider and Media Matters For America, frequently shares QAnon slogans on their social media.

Crucial quote

At the press conference with Giuliani and Ellis on Thursday, Powell falsely claimed that Trump hit President-elect Joe Biden in a “landslide” in the referendum. In fact, Biden is well on the way to winning the referendum with more than 6 million votes.


After Fox News’ Tucker Carlson voiced skepticism over Powell’s savage claims that Cuba, Venezuela and other “communist” nations hacked the elections and stole millions of votes from Trump, other Trump allies rallied in Powell’s defense, according to the New York Times.

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