Trump marketing campaign lawyer Jenna Ellis contracts coronavirus, supply says

Trump campaign lawyer Jenna Ellis contracts coronavirus, source says

According to the source, White House staff have been informed that she contracted the virus, but Ellis has not spoken directly to White House officials about it.

Ellis attended a Christmas party held for senior executives on Friday, a senior official told CNN. She doesn’t wear a mask regularly when she’s at the White House.

Ellis adds to the growing list of people in President Donald Trump’s orbit who tested positive for coronavirus in the past few months. Most recently, Rudy Giuliani, another Trump attorney who made unfounded efforts to question the election results, was hospitalized this weekend after testing positive for Covid-19. Giuliani and Ellis have appeared maskless frequently in recent weeks as they roamed the country to advance Trump’s unfounded election fraud claims.

Giuliani and Ellis both avoided the quarantine guidelines of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention after coming into close contact and campaign advisor Boris Epshteyn, who tested positive in late November.

On the day Epshteyn announced he had tested positive – less than a week after Giuliani and Ellis attended a press conference with him – the two lawyers traveled to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, where they were a group of Republican lawmakers rolled into one Hotel’s crowded ballroom The new case of someone close to the president comes from a record number of hospitalizations for Covid-19 patients and an increase in deaths in the United States.

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner were guests on Friday at the same White House Christmas party that Ellis attended, a White House official said.

CNN has reached out to Ivanka Trump’s spokeswoman to ask if she and Kushner have had any contact with Ellis and if they will be quarantined.

There are some safety protocols in place for the events, but most, if not all, of the holiday celebrations are still in violation of CDC’s guidelines for size limits, as well as the Washington, DC indoor gathering restrictions, which are currently limited to 10 for Trump’s Surgeon General , Dr. Jerome Adams, previously warned all Americans – including those in the White House – not to attend large holiday gatherings as they could potentially become coronavirus super-spreader events. But during a Christmas party at the White House in recent weeks, publicly available social media images posted by attendees showed there was little social distancing and many guests were not wearing masks, despite officials saying there would be security logs.

CNN’s Kate Bennett, Jeremy Diamond, Sam Fossum and Veronica Stracqualursi contributed to this report.