Trump Ought to Be Vaccinated First

Trump Should Be Vaccinated First


According to a new New York Times article, Trump’s White House claims that the new COVID vaccine, which is being shipped as you type, contains initial dibs.

People are predictably outraged. The people who rejected the virus should be online last, right? The people who mocked others for wearing masks should be at the very back. That people involved in superspreader events as if they were somehow immune would get the vaccine first is an outrage.

After all, their antics have cost the nation dearly. Their followers believed them. They did everything they could to instill distrust of science. As if this was a problem with the blue condition.

300,000 dead. And rising.

But. And you knew there had to be a “but”, didn’t you? You saw the headline for this post. Trump should go first.

At the moment, a lot of people distrust the vaccine. Why? Well, partly because some want to ignore the science, others say the virus is a joke, and others because they believe Trump’s political pressure got a vaccine out into the public eye before it was proven safe.

However, having widespread vaccination is critical to stopping the virus. And there can be no widespread vaccination without widespread acceptance.

Trump and his friends, who went out of their way to make this situation worse, are getting a message to people: science matters, the virus is not a joke, and the vaccine is safe.

So Trump should come first, followed by Presidents Obama, Clinton, Bush and Carter. As they said before, they would.

The outrage over Trump is duly noted. The irony is obvious.

But the security of the nation is more important. The sooner the virus is under control, the sooner we will put those masks in the drawer and go to ball games, restaurants and back to our family and friends’ homes. Without fear of illness.


The Trump Should Be Vaccinated post first appeared on the New York Personal Injury Law Blog.