Trump’s Frivolous Lawsuits Have been a Good Factor

Trump’s Frivolous Lawsuits Were a Good Thing


January 6, 2020. U.S. Capitol. Reuters / Mike Theiler

Some thoughts on yesterday’s attempted riot in the Capitol where people tried to stop the process of peaceful transfer of power after a legitimate election:

In the past two months, there have been dozens of lawsuits from Trump and Trump supporters who, in one way or another, tried to reverse the course of the election.

From the beginning, many people mocked and mocked these suits mainly for the reasons that they did not have actual facts about widespread fraud and also because of the people who were sued.

One of the lawsuits was even directed against Vice President Mike Pence, claiming that he had the power to disenfranchise tens of millions of voters and decide for himself. As if.

Another lawsuit was not directed against a person but against the electoral college. Which, of course, is not an entity that can be sued more than you can sue the Fifth Amendment or any other part of the Constitution.

Usually now you can hear me screaming about frivolous suits (and frivolous defenses). Such things make it difficult for legitimate litigants to find remedies against errors that have caused harm.

When Trump’s frivolous lawsuits began, the Lincoln Project made an effort to attack the attorneys who brought the lawsuits to the end of the lawsuits:

The Lincoln Project is set to launch a cross-platform campaign hammering Jones Day and other firms for their role in facilitating Trump’s efforts. It includes television and digital advertising, as well as social media, highlighting the damage Trump is doing to our democracy and the success of the presidential change.

I said back on November 11th that this was a bad idea. Let the suits be brought. Let them get lost. Let Trumpers view any conspiracy theory as unfounded after evidence is examined.

And state after state, besieged by Trumpers, went out of their way to ensure that every legal ballot was counted. Just like the Trumpers claimed they wanted. Until they decided that wasn’t what they wanted.

Yes, I can hear some of you say, but Trumpers don’t think with their minds, they just scream cultistically from their hearts. You can never be convinced. Facts don’t matter.

While that is true for some, it will not be for all. In the past two months we’ve seen Trump’s own Department of Homeland Security debunk the idea of ​​mass fraud, as has his own Department of Justice. There are some people who have supported him before and are now running for the lifeboats if they can still find some.

These lawsuits were a good thing. That they were laughed at out of court is a good thing when found unfounded, and judge by judge said just that. Some lawyers may even be sanctioned. That, too, would be a good thing if they maliciously brought the suits when they certainly knew better.

The winner of that choice was proof. It has been passed through the legal system and the evidence prevailed. And it wouldn’t have happened that way without the lawsuits.


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