Trump’s lawyer says, ‘we will play till the whistle blows’

Trump's lawyer says, 'we're going to play until the whistle blows'

Prior to the U.S. election result in 2020, President Trump’s campaign and the Republican National Committee identified attorneys who would be represented in each state to represent them if necessary. The Republican leader has indicated that the election result would land on the doors of the Supreme Court as he plans to launch a large number of lawsuits against alleged electoral errors. Trump has already filed a lawsuit in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Amid the tension, the president’s campaign has now organized a loose coalition that looked more like a show of support than an actual ongoing legal operation called “Lawyers for Trump”. According to CNN, lawyers in these states are looking for enough evidence to create cases that cast doubt on the validity of the election result.

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During a conversation with the media company, one of the lawyers said they are “not going to shoot from the hip”, stressing that they are trying to put together cases that would be on trial rather than focus on one-off cases seen in previous lawsuits, the judges knocked down. Another attorney also said there must be actual evidence in order to file a lawsuit and that attorneys will not risk their reputations if they don’t have a case that they believe would be unethical to file.

One lawyer said, “We’ll play until the whistle sounds.”

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Trump slams election workers

While the battlefield states are still counting ballots, Trump has repeatedly suggested that the elections be rigged and stolen from him. He has condemned election workers and alleged fraud in states where the results of a dwindling number of untold votes bring Biden closer to victory. The US president has condemned pollsters, the media and big tech companies for standing up for the Democrats. He even accused them of suppressing voters.

Trump has said he would ask the Supreme Court to weigh the president’s race. However, the legal experts said the country’s supreme judicial authority may not be the final arbitrator in this election. The Republican candidate had declared victory over Biden and even described the election as a “big fraud”.

Shortly after Trump’s utterances, however, electoral law expert Ned Foley said it was doubtful that the courts would make an offer from the U.S. president to stop counting ballots received before or on election day, or that disputes a court could handle if the Change trajectory in highly competitive states like Michigan and Pennsylvania. Experts have said the Supreme Court would only be involved if there were voices of questionable validity that made a difference.

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