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I will be speaking today at the CogX Conference today in England organized by the government’s Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation (CDEI). Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, I will be speaking virtually on facial recognition technology and privacy rights.  That is a loss for me given the fact that London is one of my favorite places on Earth. (Postings will be delayed today due to the speech).

I have a law review article coming out in Boston University Law Review entitled Anonymity, Obscurity, and Technology: Reconsidering Privacy in the Age of Biometrics that explores the privacy implications of this new technology.  As discussed in that study,

“From 1984 to Fahrenheit 451 to The Minority Report to Total Recall, dystopian futures all have a common feature: continual, omnipresent surveillance of every citizen. The fear of living in a fishbowl society is a shared phobia of all free people. It is also the growing reality of those living without freedom in nations like China. The technology that was merely a fiction when Orwell penned 1984 now exists to make his dystopian vision a reality. That technology – and that future – has arrived with recent breakthroughs in facial recognition technology (FRT) and biometric technology.”

My speech explores how to reconsider privacy protections in light of this challenge.

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