U.S. Attorney’s Office: Man who vandalized Minneapolis police station charged with illegal possession of a firearm

U.S. Attorney's Office: Man who vandalized Minneapolis police station charged with illegal possession of a firearm

According to the charges in the criminal complaint, a protest took place in the Minneapolis 5th District building in southern Minneapolis on August 15, 2020. The event became violent and destructive when individuals started throwing stones and other objects, breaking windows, firing mortar fireworks at the building and officers stationed on the roof, spraying the building, and using paint to shut off the video surveillance cameras cover up. After reviewing the video surveillance footage, investigators were able to identify Moseley as one of the people who spray-painted the front windows of the building. The building sustained several thousand dollars in damage as a result of the incident.

The allegations of the complaint also state that Moseley was present at the Hennepin County government center on October 15, 2020, where protesters gathered during a court appearance for the four former Minneapolis police officers charged with the death of George Floyd. Hennepin County Sheriff’s MPs arrested Moseley on likely grounds for his involvement in the August 15 incident. At the time of his arrest, Moseley was carrying a loaded pistol. Moseley was then accused in the Hennepin District Court of possessing a dangerous weapon in a courthouse complex, a crime.

According to the complaint, following Moseley’s arrest, Minneapolis police executed a search warrant of Moseley’s Blaine apartment and retrieved two firearms, more than 1,400 rounds of ammunition, 96 grams of marijuana and other drug paraphernalia. The officers were also given a warrant to search Moseley’s vehicle parked in downtown Minneapolis near the government center. Among other things, officers removed five firearms, a large amount of ammunition, a hatchet, crowbar, gas masks and controlled substances such as marijuana, psychedelic mushrooms and cocaine from the vehicle.