U.S. Lawyer Ousted by Barr Will Testify Privately Earlier than Congress

U.S. Attorney Ousted by Barr Will Testify Privately Before Congress

In the end, due to legal issues surrounding Mr. Berman's appointment, Mr. Barr was forced to ask Mr. Trump to fire him. He also resigned from his temporary succession plan and appointed Mr. Berman's deputy Audrey Strauss to head the office for the time being.

Mr. Berman's dismissal also occurred at a time when Mr. Trump had driven out other administrators with a degree of independence, including inspectors-general charged with eradicating fraud and abuse by the authorities.

On Thursday, Mr. Donoghue, the US attorney in the Eastern District of New York, told his office that, according to people familiar with the matter, he would resign to become a Department of Justice in Washington.

The office he will assume – deputy attorney general, who works under Mr. Rosen – is seen as extremely influential as Mr. Rosen 's office oversees the federal prosecutor' s office. A former official in this role, Edward O’Callaghan, was best known for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Russian investigation.

The work is particularly critical under Mr. Rosen, who has never been a prosecutor.

Mr. DuCharme, Mr. Rosen’s current top deputy, will return to the Brooklyn office, where he had worked throughout his career as a prosecutor before coming to Washington last year to advise Mr. Barr on criminal and national security issues.

Mr. Berman will testify just a week after two Department of Justice lawyers informed the House Justice Committee that political officers in the Washington State Attorney General and the Cartel Department had intervened to advance Mr. Trump and Mr. Barr's personal interests.

Aaron S.J. Zelinsky, a prosecutor who was involved in the investigation into Roger J. Stone Jr., Mr. Trump's long-time friend, told the committee that senior law firm officials in Washington were demanding a milder prison sentence for Mr. Stone, "out of political Establish. ”