U.S. lawyer releases proof tied to Whitmer kidnapping plot

U.S. attorney releases evidence tied to Whitmer kidnapping plot

GRAND RAPIDS, me. (WOOD) – The US Attorney's Office has publicly released evidence against six men charged with conspiracy to kidnap the governor in their case.

Andrew Feather of our CBS colleague at Grand Rapids gives us a look at the photos and videos that will serve as evidence of this high profile case.

Evidence includes guns, tactical training, and surveillance of the governor's vacation home.

In more than 20 exhibits, the US government presents its case against five men charged with their role in an alleged conspiracy to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer and overthrow the Michigan government.

Videos, often collected from confidential sources and undercover agents, give a behind-the-scenes look at the alleged plot. The FBI case agent testified that the video was collected during a field training exercise discussing the kidnapping act.

The government says these videos show two of the suspected conspirators demonstrating their ability to quickly reload rifles. One agent testified that it is only necessary if you believe you are in a firefight.

Further evidence is this photo, taken by a confidential informant. According to the Justice Department, the alleged ringleader Adam Fox is monitoring Governor Whitmer's holiday home.

According to the US Attorney's Office, conspirators made two trips to monitor and map the house. They say this photo shows Fox drawing a sketch of the area around the house. Another photo contains the actual map the fox supposedly drew.

Encrypted text messages reveal that members of the group were allegedly concerned about being infiltrated. They even arranged a meeting with personal documents to prove their identity.

On other news, the suspects allegedly say they must hold back to carry out their plans.