U.S. Lawyer’s Workplace collects $14 million | Crime & Courts

U.S. Attorney's Office collects $14 million | Crime & Courts

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa – The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Iowa raised more than $ 14.6 million in civil and criminal justice during fiscal 2020.

For the year ended September 30, the district, which includes Sioux City and Northwest Iowa, garnered more than $ 13.3 million in civil lawsuits and more than $ 1.2 million in criminal cases.

“Raising funds on behalf of taxpayers and crime victims is an integral part of the US Attorney’s mission. Each year these collections far exceed our firm’s total budget and are the result of the hard work of many people in our firm,” Peter Deegan, US attorney for Northern District of Iowa, said in a press release.

The US law firms and their litigation departments enforce and collect civil and criminal debt to the United States and crime victims. The largest civil law collections came from cases where the government recovered money lost through fraud or other wrongdoing, or fined individuals and companies for violating the law.

The U.S. Department of Justice raised more than $ 15.9 billion in civil and criminal penalties in 2020, a total of five times the $ 3.2 billion budget for the 94 U.S. law firms.