U.S. Legal professional Says Chris Collins Ought to Report back to Jail

U.S. Attorney Says Chris Collins Should Report to Jail

Federal prosecutors say times up, enough stalling – they want disgraced former Congressman Chris Collins to finally report to prison.

Collins, who pleaded guilty to insider trading and lying to federal agents, was supposed to report to federal prison in Pensacola, Florida on March 17 to serve a 26-month prison sentence.

His lawyers have continuously and successfully sought delays, citing Collins health, and the risk of getting the coronavirus in prison.

Now the U.S. Attorney’s office that prosecuted him has written a letter to the judge saying since the outbreak began, the Federal Bureau of Prisons has learned a lot about COVID-19, and has made significant changes to keep inmates safe.

The letter says the extensions are no longer necessary since Collins says he’s in good overall health.