Uganda lawyer Bob Kasango dies in jail

Uganda lawyer Bob Kasango dies in prison

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Well-known lawyer for the city of Kampala, Bob Kasango, died in Luzira prisons.
Uganda prisons spokesman Frank Baine said Kasango died Saturday while being taken from Murchison Bay Prison to Mulago National Referral Hospital for further treatment.
“It’s true. He was sick. He died of heart problems. I just spoke to the doctor and was told he died when he was brought to Mulago,” said Mr. Baine.
Baine added that Kasango has been receiving treatment and medication in Murchison Bay since he was transferred to Luzira.
One of the attorneys who represented Kasango in the Evans Ochieng Anti-Corruption Court described Kasango as a very smart person and added that the legal fraternity will miss him.
In 2018, Kasango was found guilty of theft of ATS 15.4 billion pension funds.
Anti-Corruption Court judge Margaret Tibulya, along with three senior officials from the Ministry of Public Service, sentenced Kasango for her various roles in pension fraud.
They are Jimmy Lwamafa, the former Permanent Secretary of the Department of Public Service, former Chief Accountant in the Pension Department Christopher Obey, former Director of Research and Development Stephen Kiwanuka Kunsa.
They were found guilty of forging a court order, tax certificate, and expense certificate instructing the attorney general to pay Kasango’s defunct law firm Hall and Partners 15.4 billion shillings for pensions and tips in excess of 6,340 retirees were determined in 2011 and 2012. Kasango, the main suspect, received 16 years.
At the time of his death, Kasango had appealed the verdict and a group of three appellate judges, Lady Justice Catherine Bamugemereire, Muzamir Mutangula Kibeedi and Remmy Kasule, had not yet resolved the matter.
In December 2020, when the group last appeared in court via videoconference, they asked the court to give their lawyers access to them in jail due to restrictions following the COVID-19 outbreak.
Although Kasango represented himself, the defense attorneys led by Evans Ochieng complained to the court that they had written several letters to the commissioner general of Johnson Byabashaija Prisons to give them access to the convicts, but there was no response to them.
In 2016, the court ordered Kasango to pay 3 billion shillings to Tooro Queen Mother Best Kemigisa. He was also ordered to be fined Shs 12 million or imprisoned for five years.
The money in question belonged to Kemigisa, who entrusted Kasango with the duty to obtain it on her behalf from the Permanent Secretary of the State Ministry.