US Legal professional’s Workplace asks DC residents to stipulate affect of Capitol storming

US Attorney’s Office asks DC residents to outline impact of Capitol storming

U.S. Assistant Attorney for the District of Columbia Douglas Klein said in a DC community meeting on Saturday his office plans to gather community impact statements based on the storm in the U.S. Capitol.

Some DC residents may have their say in court when protesters involved in storming the US Capitol confront a judge.

U.S. assistant attorney for the District of Columbia Douglas Klein said in a DC community meeting Saturday morning that his office plans to gather statements about the community impact.

Klein said about 100 arrests have been made and while most people will be charged in federal court, there are about 40 people who will be charged in DC Superior Court.

“I hope I can gather many community impact statements that go into the convictions of anyone charged in the Supreme Court,” Klein said.

Klein said there are around 275 investigations underway against people suspected of participating in the violent protest, and the number is growing day by day. The federal prosecutor told residents they should expect more arrests in the coming week.

“If someone pleads guilty or is found guilty, we will submit the Community Impact Statements,” Klein said. “We want the judges to know what a huge impact this has had on the DC area.”

The online community meeting was aimed at residents of City Police Districts 1 and 5, which include the residential areas of Capitol Hill.