Utah legal professional basic takes day off to assist Trump problem the election outcomes

Utah attorney general takes time off to help Trump challenge the election results

Utah attorney general Sean Reyes said on Twitter Friday that he is taking “personal leave” to help President Donald Trump’s team conduct litigation across multiple states over a “compromised electoral process”.

“Despite months of predictions about a ‘blue wave’, @GOP retained the Senate and expanded the number of seats in the house. Biden and his allies know that @POTUS will win if only verified that # illegal votes are counted, “he wrote.” We’re making sure this happens, but it looks like courts may have to decide this. #RuleOfLaw. ”

In personal vacation time to prepare and support legal disputes in several states that deal with compromised electoral processes.

– Sean Reyes (@SeanReyesUT) November 6, 2020

The president spent months thinking about email voting, which has become more democratic as a result. This week he called for the counting of legally cast ballots to be stopped.

Several Utah politicians have criticized the president’s rhetoric, including Governor-elect Spencer Cox, who told The Salt Lake Tribune on Wednesday that he was concerned that Trump had labeled the election a fraud.

Senator Mitt Romney said Friday that the president was “within his rights” to request recounts, investigate allegations of voting irregularity “where there is evidence” and “seek appeals.”

“He was wrong to say,” Romney added, “that the elections were rigged, corrupted and stolen – harming the cause of freedom here and around the world, weakening and igniting the institutions that underpin Republicans reckless. ” destructive and dangerous passions. “

Reyes joined the president on Friday as a criticism of his tweets about the presidential election, including from Salt Lake County’s District Attorney Sim Gill.

“Leadership means the rule of law does not ignite for no reason,” wrote Gill, a Democrat. “Both Republican and Democratic administrators ensure that every vote is counted. Trust in our process and citizens is the hallmark of leadership, not thoughtless agitation. “

The Progressive Alliance for Better Utah also targeted Reyes, saying in a press release on Friday that he “gave up” Utah for Trump.

“His unfounded allegations of electoral fraud are irresponsible and simply not true,” said Chase Thomas, executive director of the leftist Alliance for a Better Utah.

“Just because Reyes may not like the election results doesn’t make them any less valid,” he continued. “Every vote is important, and every vote needs to be counted. As the attorney general of a state that has had mail-in voting for years, Reyes should know this. Whether he’s acting privately or publicly, preparing to challenge the election results he has personal dislikes are an absolute betrayal of the trust that Utahns has placed in him. “

Reyes ran smoothly for re-election to a second full term on Tuesday with 61.12% of the vote starting Thursday morning.

In a statement released on Election Day, Reyes praised Utah voters for participating in record high numbers of elections via email and in person, and adopted a non-partisan tone.

“Regardless of party or ideology, our state and nation are stronger when more of us learn about candidates and issues and vote,” he said. “It’s exciting to see. Whatever the outcome, hopefully we can remember the things that bind us together as Utahns and Americans. “

Neither Reyes’ campaign nor the Attorney General’s office immediately responded to a request for comment on Friday. And it is unclear how long the civil servant will be removed from his post.