Vallejo Metropolis Legal professional’s Workplace recordsdata three motions in Sean Monterrosa case – The Reporter

Vallejo City Attorney’s Office files three motions in Sean Monterrosa case – The Reporter

On Saturday, the Vallejo City Prosecutor's Office sent a press release saying it had filed three motions in the Sean Monterrosa case, including a move, a protection order and the dismissal of certain claims.

On June 2 this year, 22-year-old Monterrosa was shot dead in front of a Walgreen by Vallejo Police Officer Jarrett Tonn while Vallejo was under curfew in response to looting. At the time of the shooting, Tonn said he believed a hammer in Monterrosa's pocket was a weapon. Body cam footage released over the next month did not show Monterrosa at the time of filming or moments before filming.

Last month, a federal civil lawsuit filed by the law firms of John Burris was served on the town of Vallejo on behalf of the Monterrosa family, eastern district.

The city of Vallejo said it wanted to ensure a fair trial and trial for both the city and the Monterrosa family.

"If a jury pool is biased, neither the city nor the Monterrosa family can have a fair trial," the press release said. “Given the many sensational and false statements made by the plaintiffs' attorney, neither the Monterrosa family nor the city will get a fair trial from an unbiased jury in the Bay Area or Sacramento. For this reason, the city is trying to move to Fresno. "

The second application is aimed at a protection order that is intended to prevent the plaintiff's lawyers from continuing to investigate this case in the media. Fairness and justice for both the city and the Monterrosa family require them to get a fair trial in a courtroom before an impartial jury, the press release said.

The third request is for dismissal. Certain allegations in the complaint do not result in a violation of the law.

Following the Monterrosa shooting, the VPD was investigated more closely as evidence was destroyed, including the windshield of the vehicle involved in the incident. Further turmoil for VPD came when Open Vallejo published a story in late July claiming VPD officers had bent the points of their badges every time they were killed on duty over the years.

Shortly after the shooting in Monterrosa, United States House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi publicly urged the FBI to investigate the shooting.

"The police murder of Sean Monterrosa was a horrific act of brutality that continues to rock our community in the Bay Area," Pelosi said in July. “Recent reports that vital evidence has been destroyed in the investigation are deeply worrying and underscore the urgency and need for an external, independent federal investigation. I join Sean's family, Vallejo City officials, and community members in calling for an FBI investigation into Sean's murder, including the destruction of essential evidence in that murder case. "

The press release said: “The City of Vallejo continues to express its condolences to Sean Monterrosa's family for their tragic loss. The city is committed to ensuring a fair trial and making the judicial process fair for the good of the family and the city. "

Numerous protests and demonstrations in support of Monterrosa have taken place in Vallejo, San Francisco and other cities in the Bay Area in recent months.

Two billboards were recently set up in Vallejo calling for "Justice for Sean Monterrosa". One of these is in the immediate vicinity of the Vallejo Police Department on Amador Street. The other sign is on Sonoma Boulevard and Virginia Street.

"The best thing you can believe is that Vallejo PD will know that we are doing everything in our power to ensure that our family is the last in Vallejo to see their loved ones murdered by the police," Sean's sister Michelle Monterrosa recently told a march. "We will do everything in our power to ensure this and not to see these children grow up in this environment."