Victims advocate accuses OC District Lawyer Todd Spitzer of defamation – Orange County Register

Victims advocate accuses OC District Attorney Todd Spitzer of defamation – Orange County Register

One of Orange County’s best-known crime victims is seeking US $ 250,000 in damages from the county for what he described as defamatory statements made by District Attorney Todd Spitzer and his spokesman.

In a lawsuit filed Thursday, Paul Wilson, whose wife was shot dead in a parlor in Seal Beach by the county’s worst mass murderer, alleged that Spitzer and Kimberly Edds slandered him by saying he was standing with criminal justice reformers opening prison doors want. Wilson, a Seal Beach resident, is an outspoken critic of Spitzer, who he believes has failed to deliver on his campaign promise to eliminate wrongdoing in the prosecution.

Wilson says he considers himself a victim rights attorney who doesn’t support bad cops.

“They say things about me that are not true,” said Wilson. “I’m not affiliated with judicial reformers.”

Spitzer’s office replied that Wilson, as a public figure, was a fair game for criticism.

“If you make yourself a self-proclaimed public figure and keep getting involved in political discussions, you are making yourself a fair game so everyone has an opinion about you,” Edds said on Friday. “There is no doubt that Paul Wilson self-proclaimed public figure, standing shoulder to shoulder with an assistant public defender and his progressive ideas.”

Wilson’s wife Christy was one of eight people Scott Dekraai killed in 2011 in a rampage at the Salon Meritage beauty salon. Dekraai escaped the death penalty for life imprisonment for wrongdoing by prosecutors and sheriff MPs. After the protracted legal battle, Wilson befriended Dekraai’s attorney, assistant defense attorney Scott Sanders, who found that authorities were inappropriately using the prison’s informants.

In an Aug. 22 press release, prosecutors said Wilson and Sanders had campaigned “to make Orange County the next San Francisco by putting criminals’ rights above victims”. The release also stated that Sanders, who had not been identified by name, was planning to run for a district attorney to set criminals free.

Sanders has remained silent about his political intentions.

Spitzer’s press release also said Wilson was “shoulder to shoulder with social reformers” who wanted to disappoint the police.