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MIAMI, December 21, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Many child molestation victims may wait years to prosecute the person who harmed them. However, Florida has two main additional paths a victim of child abuse can follow for justice.

1. Civil lawsuit for a crime victim

While criminal proceedings revolve around holding the criminal accountable, a civil lawsuit involves investigating the crime itself. In a civil lawsuit, we can examine how the crime took place, why it occurred, and whether there was any way that could have been prevented. Any person, school, company or other institution that could have prevented the occurrence of child abuse that was legally obliged to do so can be treated negligently under the law and obliged to compensate the victim.

2. Florida Crime Victim Compensation Fund

In addition to a criminal or civil lawsuit, a victim of child abuse is in Florida can also apply for compensation to the victim through the Attorney General. The amount of compensation and the type of compensation can be very limited, but it is especially available in cases where a victim may not be eligible for a civil action. It can also help give the victim cash upfront to cover the cost of counseling and other medical care.

Damage to victims of crime

If a person or organization was legally required to protect the minor and did not do so, they could be responsible for paying for all of the victim’s pain and suffering, medical costs, future medical care, and more. In certain circumstances, the company may also be held liable for punitive damages to punish the company and, hopefully, prevent future behavior.

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