Village of Santo Domingo resident calls for lawyer throughout DUI investigation

Village of Santo Domingo resident demands lawyer during DUI investigation

Michael Pollotta

A resident of Santo Domingo village called on a lawyer during a drunk driving investigation.

65-year-old Michael Pollotta, who lives at Cipriano Place 2004, unpredictably drove a silver Nissan near Leesburg HighSchool around 10:30 a.m. on Saturday when another driver contacted the law enforcement agency, according to a Leesburg Police Department arrest report. A policeman followed Pollotta's vehicle and initiated a traffic break in the Lakeside Pointe Apartments. The officer noticed that Pollotta had “glassy” eyes and narrowed pupils.

Pollotta struggled through field sobriety exercises and delivered breath samples that recorded a blood alcohol level of .000. The officer suspected drug use and asked Pollotta for a urine sample. He refused.

"This is BS. I want a lawyer, ”Pollotta told the officer.

Pollotta, who has already been convicted of DUI, was arrested for a crime under the influence. He was booked into Lake County Prison and released after paying a $ 3,000 bail.