Viral: Patna lawyer eats lunch during virtual court session, solicitor-general Tushar Mehta asks him to send some over

Viral: Patna lawyer eats lunch during virtual court session, solicitor-general Tushar Mehta asks him to send some over

Even though it took nearly a year to work remotely and manage Zoom calls, there are still plenty of fools out there making their way onto the internet. In one recent case, a virtual session of the legal process took a strange turn when a lawyer was seen enjoying his lunch without realizing his camera was on. Now the fun moment caught during the online meeting is going viral.

A video making the rounds shows a Patna Supreme Court attorney in front of a computer with a plate in hand while the Indian Attorney General (SGI), Tushar Mehta, appeared at the other end of the screen on the phone call . The hilarious clip shows the lawyer, identified as Kshatrashal Raj, so busy with his food that he doesn’t realize that Mehta is still on duty.

It appears that the speaker was muted and Raj missed Mehta’s verbal cues. Soon Mehta called him on his cell phone to alert him to the faux pas. Startled when he answers the call and realizes his mistake, Raj quickly leaves his plate and tries to turn off the camera. In a funny account of the whole incident, however, Mehta was heard saying, “Yahan bhejo” and asked to send some food.

Watch the video here:

The video is getting widespread across all social media platforms so internet users are divided and loved the SGI’s response to Gaffe. However, many defended the attorney, saying it was pretty reliable and it was high time to normalize zoom glitches.

If you forget to turn off your camera !! #COVIDblues

– Rahul Koul (@Rahipoet) March 6, 2021

Attorney General of India asks for Chole Bhature – next level

– Shubham (@Bureaucetamol) March 5, 2021

Oh God ! The dangers of e-meetings!

– Suparna Dey (arn suparnadey2021) March 5, 2021

Working from home these days 😂.

– krithika sivaswamy (krithikasivasw) March 5, 2021

So this is the Indian version of “I’m not a cat”


– Ajinkya (@yours_infinitly) March 5, 2021

This one is amazing 😂😂

– Mohit (@misterbajaj) March 5, 2021

Patna Supreme Court – Judge Saab aapka video on hai🤣😅😂

– Prashant Paleja (@ caprashant1) March 5, 2021

Honest moments captured in front of the camera. Loved the reaction when he found out

– Aaadiito (@d_impersonator) March 5, 2021

Poor man! 😅
Also SGI’s sense of humor 👌
Yahaan bhejo …

– Aruna Krishnan (rArunakrishnan), March 5, 2021

Tushar Mehta is like:

Idhar aajao sath me milkar khate hai. 4th

– Mossad – you who will never forget. (@ JitendraNikam17) March 5, 2021

He called for Chole Bhature – “Bhai Bhejo Bhai” – a sport that such a good boss should have

– HIMALAYA (@ Himalay04155335) March 5, 2021

It is time we treated a zoom call as part of life as well and responded normally to it rather than pushing harder to look at discipline. That would make people behave more normally when making such calls.

– Yogi Ji Dheere Dheere (@YogiJiDheere) March 5, 2021

Looks fun, but this guy isn’t stopping for lunch and is in a hurry to get back to work, the story of all WFH’ers.

– Sunil Patil @ (@sunilmpatil) March 5, 2021

Raj isn’t the only lawyer struggling with online sessions, however. Last month, a Texan lawyer took social media by storm after struggling to turn off his cat filter during a zoom trial.