VOCA Funding Awarded to Christian County Legal professional’s Workplace, Sanctuary Inc.

VOCA Funding Awarded to Christian County Attorney's Office, Sanctuary Inc.

Governor Andy Beshear and the Kentucky Justice and Public Security Cabinet announced Wednesday that 133 service providers for crime victims are receiving more than $ 37 million.

In a remark during his COVID-19 briefing on Wednesday, the governor said the funds were part of the VOCA (Victims of Crime Act) program.

Beshear added that this year's VOCA total represents a 511% increase over the amount granted in 2015, $ 6.2 million, when only 77 programs received funding. Of the total announced grants, an estimated US $ 9.5 million will be used to provide domestic violence services and US $ 8 million to provide services to victims of sexual assault or human trafficking. Approximately $ 9.2 million goes to child counseling centers (CAC), court-appointed special attorney programs (CASA), and agencies that provide home care and mental health services for victims of child abuse.

An estimated US $ 2.6 million will be invested in prosecution programs that provide legal services to crime victims in jurisdictions around the Commonwealth. Funding will also go to programs that serve victims with disabilities, elderly victims and other crime victims.

Organizations that receive funding from VOCA nationwide include the Christian County law firm and Sanctuary Inc.

Governor Beshear also said he signed a proclamation Wednesday morning during a special press conference with the Kentucky Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

The fund is replenished each year through fines, forfeited bail, penalties, and special audits imposed on federal offenders by U.S. law firms, U.S. federal courts, and the Federal Bureau of Prisons. No tax money supports the Crime Victim & # 39; s Fund.