Walter Presents: The Lawyer season 2 launches on Channel Four this month


Walter Presents brings Season 2 of The Lawyer to Channel 4 and All 4 this week.

The hit series is back for an even more explosive second season when young lawyer Frank tries to find out who murdered his parents but is hit by his own conscience if he dies again …

The Swedish series was created by Karin Gidfors and Charlotte Lesche. It shows Alexander Karim, Malin Buska, Thomas Bo Larsen and Nicolaj Kopernikus.

After Frank and his adoptive sister Sara Waldman and daughter Therese locked up, they believe that they have escaped the path of harm. Frank is now a proud father and has happily settled in with Patricia, although he's still plagued by guilt for planting drugs in Therese's pocket.

But when new information comes up in the case of Therese's suicide, Frank has to confront his old enemy Waldman and force them to work together against a power of even greater evil. Frank and Sara are once again in the depths of the rotten Danish legal system …

Walter presents: The premiere of the second season of The Lawyer will premiere on August 4 at 11 p.m. on Channel 4. The full series will be available on Friday August 7th as a box set for All 4. Preview the show with our gallery below: