Webinar on the Economics and Law of Climate Adaptation – Reason.com

Webinar on the Economics and Law of Climate Adaptation – Reason.com

This Wednesday, at noon EDT, the Coleman P. Burke Center for Environmental Law at the Case Western Reserve University School of Law is hosting a webinar entitled “Adapting to Climate Change: Economic and Legal Perspectives” with Matthew E. Kahn, Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of Economics and Business and Director of the Urban Initiative of the 21st Century at Johns Hopkins University; and Robin Kundis Craig, James I. Farr, Endowed Professor of Law, Distinguished Professor of the University of Utah, SJ Quinney College of Law.

Here is a brief description of the event:

Some degree of significant climate change is inevitable. Even aggressive strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions will not eliminate the need to adapt to ongoing environmental changes. Adaptation will be an essential element of the climate policy toolkit. In the new book “Adapting to Climate Change: Markets and Managing an Uncertain Future”, economist Matthew Kahn examines how climate change influences decisions about where we live, how our food is grown, and where new businesses choose to locate Will suggest new ways big data can be used to reduce energy or water scarcity to support farms, and propose informed policy changes to public infrastructure, disaster relief and real estate to put land use, transportation options and business development in the right place Direction to steer. However, the law does not always take into account the ecological requirements and the broader environmental changes caused by climate change. How climate adaptation takes place is influenced and shaped by legal regulations both within the framework of environmental law and in a broader sense.

In this webinar, Matthew Kahn, Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of Economics, and Robin Craig, James I. Farr, Endowed Professor of Law will examine the law and economics of climate change adaptation.

I find it hard to think of two people I’d rather discuss and learn about climate change with than Kahn and Craig. Please take part in a fascinating conversation.

The webinar is free and is pending CLE approval in Ohio. Registration information can be found here.