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There is a bizarre case in Charleston, West Virginia of Julie M. Wheeler in prison for another year after trying to fake her death to avoid conviction for healthcare fraud. This secured an additional conviction for conspiracy to obstruct justice. Your husband will now also be in prison.

Wheeler implicated her husband in a conspiracy to keep her out of prison. However, the record was already clear. Rodney Wheeler reported that she had fallen from a lookout in the New River Gorge. After an intensive search, police found Wheeler hidden in her closet.

The court requested that the added year be served sequentially with their sentence 42 months in prison for health fraud related to overcharging.

Rodney Wheeler pleaded guilty to conspiracy to obstruct justice and could face up to five years’ imprisonment, although this seems unlikely given the one-year sentence his wife was given.

Fascinating is the belief that the couple could keep their deaths a secret for a long time. It is becoming more and more difficult to be paperless or paperless in our society.

However, it seems to be more difficult to prove that you are actually alive. A French woman tries to prove that she has lived three years without success. 58-year-old Jeanne Pouchain even had to submit certificates from doctors stating that she was actually alive, as the courts would not just take her word for it.

Obviously, Wheeler should have moved to France before attempting this conspiracy. The authorities seem unwilling to accept people who are themselves alive as still alive.

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